The Steamer N.J. Fjord

When the small steamer N.J. Fjord from neutral Denmark was stopped by the German vanguard, the engine had to be put on hold with the result that it let off steam.

The escape formed a big with cloud, which was seen from the nearest British ships.

They were sent off to investigate the matter, and so the battle started.

Painting by Johannes E. Møller

HMS Black Prince

During the night action the armoured cruiser HMS Black Prince got separated from the main force and ended up in the vicinity of several big German Battleships.

At a distance of only 1000meters the Germans opened fire, and in only two minutes the British cruiser was turned into a mass of fire from fore to aft.

Shortly after, the ship exploded in a big ball of fire. There were no survivors, the whole crew of 857 being killed.

Painting by Adolph Block


SMS Lützow

The SMS Lützow took part in the sinking of the battle cruiser HMS Invincible and was herself hit by at least ten heavy shells and a torpedo.

Two Shell hit under the waterline, and the forward part of the ship was flooded.

Eventually the ship had to be abandoned, and early in the morning 1.june 1916 she was sunk by two torpedoes.

Painting by Johannes E. Møller