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Memorial Park for the Battle of Jutland

A Memorial Park is to be established Thyborøn as a great Land art sculpture beyond the sea, where the battle took place on 31May and 1 June 1916 during World War 1.

The Memorial Park will consist of a large number of sculptures; 26 granite stones of up to 3.5 meters in height will be erected, - one for each of the ships lost and one for victims from other ships. Each stone will be inscribed with the ship’s name and other relevant data on the ship, and around the large granite sterns, one figure with a height of 1.3 meters for each of those who perished, when that exact ship went down will be erected. The artist is Paul Cederdorff.

The Memorial Park will not distinguish between British and German seamen in its design. The idea of the project is to erect a memorial to the fallen seamen on neutral ground at the North Sea where the battle took place. The memorial Park is set to open on the 100th anniversary of the battle: 1 June 2016.

The private foundation “Memorial Park for the Battle of Jutland” is seeking donations to help raise the funds for the full realisation of the Memorial Park. Behind the Foundation: Gert Normann Andersen owner and founder of JD-Contractors A/S, the biggest industrial diving company in Denmark and Søren Gade former Danish Minister of Defence. The foudation is asking for your support.

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Ringkjobing Landbobank

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The foundation Memorial Park for the Battle of Jutland

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