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Kanoner i 3D-grafik

The cannon from any angle

Historiker og historielærer Jürgen Held fra Eppelheim ved Heidelberg har netop tilbragt en god uges tid på Sea War Museum Jutland i Thyborøn, hvor han har opmålt og fotograferet kanonerne fra Første verdenskrig. Arbejdet skal munde ud i 3D-modeller, som gør det muligt at studere kanonerne fra alle tænkelige vinkler. Om sit arbejde skriver Jürgen held følgende: 


Measurement of the guns in the Sea War Museum

Anyone who has visited the Sea War Museum in recent days may have noticed a man busy with the cannons with a measuring tape and notepad. This work is part of a project aimed at creating accurate 3D computer models of the guns. The history teacher and amateur historian Jürgen Held from Eppelheim near Heidelberg, Germany measures the cannons in the exhibition and takes detailed photos. The cannons set up in Thyborøn offer a unique opportunity to study dimensions and technical details on the original and not having to rely on more or less authentic plans and drawings. Access to the documents that are still available is difficult, most of which were destroyed anyway for reasons of secrecy or fell victim to the bombing of the last war.

The models are created with the 3D animation software Blender 3.0. In contrast to a classic CAD program, simple basic bodies are manipulated and expanded until they correspond to the desired object. This procedure is more accommodating to picking up on the original and comparing it with photographs than converting two-dimensional views such as plans for CAD applications. The basic structure created in this way is then textured in the next step, i.e. provided with a surface.

The accurate model created in this way makes it possible to view the cannon from any angle. In order to find out more about the components inside, it is essential to study the documents that are still available. The corrosion prevents the museum's guns from being dismantled. Where exactly plans are missing, sketches or drawings of identical cannons of larger calibers or the direct predecessor models must serve as templates.

The graphics created in this way will be used to create a documentation that will inform future interested visitors about the technology of the cannons and their ammunition exhibited in the museum. However, it will still take some time to complete. Hundreds of hours of work go into each 3D model, and unfortunately this process cannot be accelerated.



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