Sea War Museum Jutland

Sea War Museum Jutland in Thyborøn is the only museum in Denmark, where only international history is told.

The museum focuses on World War I in the North Sea, with emphasis on history's largest naval battle, the Battle of Jutland, which took place off the west coast of Jutland in 1916.

Well over 100 kilometers west of Thyborøn, 100,000 men on 250 German and British ships fought for the command of the seas, and the thunder of the guns was so violent that it could be heard on land.

The battle lasted for 12 hours, and when it was all over, 25 ships lay on the bottom of the sea, and 8,645 German and British sailors had lost their lives.

World War I was to a very large degree decided by a devastating blockade in the North Sea, met by an equivalent counter-blockade, and only in the Sea War Museum Jutland in Thyborøn the whole story is told.

In Denmark the museum is located on neutral ground, where the story can be told without bias, and already at the entrance, visitors are met by the motto of the museum: “War is a tragedy and should not be glorified, but the story must be told, and the victims must be remembered.”

In connection to the museum, a Memorial Park for the Battle of Jutland has been erected in the dunes next to the sea. The Memorial Park is created of large granite blocks in the shape of a ship's stem, each representing one of the sunken ships. It is one of the most beautiful examples of "Land Art" in Denmark.

Many German and British guests have visited Thyborøn with the sole purpose of laying a wreath in the Memorial Park.


A new Museum specialised in Maritime Warfare in the North Sea during World War I

Based on a large collection of objects and a major historical archive and library a new private / independent maritime museum was created in the early summer of 2015, at an speciel location in Thyborøn.

Read more about the museum's purpose and more about the historical background

Financing - 8.3 million Danish Kroner in funding is in place, and the work began in January 2015

The main focus of the museum is the Maritime Warfare in the North Sea during the First World War, in particular the "Battle of Jutland," the greatest naval battle in history, but there is also room for other things, especially from the west coast of Jutland and the North Sea.

In connection with the museum a building will house a maritime archeology center with storage and conservation facility, including a research library and archive with study facilities.
In the museum's permanent exhibition, dramatic stories from the Maritime Warfare are told and illustrated with hundreds of original objects.
The museum is supported financially and practically by the Maritime Historical Society